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Finally, there is a Rails Conference here in Israel. Long overdue. We’re sponsoring it and giving one keynote and one lecture.

Vitaly will present our view on how to handle performance optimizations, when to start, what to optimize and what are different tools that you can use in a process. Some common low hanging fruits, best practises, how different is optimizations for single page app vs full blown one etc.

Boris will give a lecture on missing features in Rails. After using Rails for more than a six years now we’ve seen it developing from a bit naive but full of good intentions drafts to mature, seasoned, life beaten framework that still managed to stay appealing. However, we think there are several things that everyone would benefit if they’ll become part of Rails.

And there are lots of interesting topics should be covered by lots of smart people from all over the world. Guys from Github, Heroku, Engine Yard, Gogobot, Get Taxi and lots of others coming to talk about Rails.

And of course there will be beers to spice up geeky discussions.

So definitely go register and come share this first of a kind experience. See you there.