We create awesome web and mobile applications

To achieve awesomeness we use Node.js, React, Ruby on Rails and machine learning. We value exceptional design and usability.

We are

Taking your ideas from a coffeeshop napkin sketches to thousands of users

We are

We are industry veterans that adopted Ruby on Rails from its early days and since then have been developing, training others, spreading the word and contributing back to the community. With a comprehensive list of tools, skill-sets and best practices accumulated over the years, we approach our work with a great deal of experience, curiosity and vigor.

All of our products are based on open-source technologies. For us, it is vital to be a part of the community, to participate in the open source movement and to give back as well as to start new projects.

We do

Astrails was founded as a Rails shop in 2005, we've broadened our expertise significantly since then.
From strategy, to design and engineering with lean development approach

  • Interactive design and UX

    We value exceptional design and usability, that's why we plan and visualize the ways a user interacts with a web or mobile app in order to complete the tasks easily enjoying it all the time.

  • web + mobile

    We plan, design and build scalable web applications and mobile API backends. Sometimes Ruby on Rails is a right tool for it, sometimes it's not. Whatever the tool is a clear, tested and maintainable code is a right way to do it.

  • Frontends

    We craft interactive frontends with React. Properly designed, testable and modulable components is the proper way to build frontends nowadays.

  • Machine/Deep Learning

    Data became a most valuable asset of any business, AI algorithms turn it into a key differentiator. We come up with researches and create custom solutions based on machine/deep learning.

We've done

We have worked on 150+ projects since 2005, designed, built and maintained complex web and mobile applications for customers all around the world. Including Fiverr, eBay Group Gifts, Samanage and more.

  • We speak

    We founded Ruby Group Israel and are frequently invited to speak on conferences and meetups. The focus of our talks is how new technologies and methodologies can be harnessed to develop more robust, responsive, and secure applications. We share our experiences with and vision for Rails, NoSQL, and Node.js.

  • We write

    Rails way

    We are proud that our own Vitaly Kushner co-authored The Rails 4 Way together with Rails legend Obie Fernandes of Hashrocket fame.

    The Rails 4 Way is the latest edition of the most comprehensive guide to delivering production-quality code with Rails 4.

  • We give back

    Astrails' noname

    AI-based project/brand name generator that uses a neural language model trained on ~200K CrunchBase company names.


    Shopping online? Track packages for all your shipments to Israel in one place and receive an email when your package has arrived.


    A complete collection of vim configuration options and plugins for Rails development

We're friendly

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