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The opportunity

120 happy dreamers cooking for 54 hours of pure startup joy, well-fed and ready to work. Of course, I’m talking here about Startup Weekend Israel.

The challenge

Come up with an idea that can be implemented in a couple of days, yet is so cool, so innovative, and so useful that I could attract the best of the best.

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P.S Now we have some pictures too there, you should check it out

If you follow us on twitter (@astrails if you wondering) you already know that we are at the Startup Weekend Israel right now.

Which is going amazing by the way, thanks for asking, lots and lots of nice people, very creative and energetic atmosphere, food and beer.

Turns out our idea attracted a great team of developers, designers and business developers.

The idea is very simple: aggregate job postings from various sources (starting with twitter) with automated translation to several languages (for now Hebrew, English and Russian) and automated tagging and display all on a web page with free text search and categories browsing.

It should make searching for a job a little bit less of a hassle as now you have to scavenge less sources to find your perfect job.

Why is it good for Startup Weekend:

  • Easy to explain
  • Is actually useful, solving real people pains.
  • Most importantly it really can be implemented within the constrains of the Startup Weekend (it seems like we’ll have only about 10-15 working hours on it)

The name of the service is JobTheJob.

So the team members are:

  • Me (Vitaly :) and Boris, obviously. Doing backend.
  • Michael can’t participate as he’s on the judges panel :)
  • Pavel Kostychev is doing the UI & identity.
  • Alan Rubin (backend)
  • Elyon DeKoven (front end, research, and all around)
  • Pini Sternshos (biz dev, marketing, etc)
  • Boris Reitman (front end)

We created a blog for the new company, it’s called BlogTheBlog of course. You can grab our progress and impression there and i also will be posting links here when there is a new content there, so you can check out JobTheJob category on this blog.

Also we will be tweeting about it, and our personal twitter accounts (look to your right) so you welcome to follow the startup creation process in real time and if you have something to say about it we will be glad to hear.