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AI-based names generator.

Earlier this months we released noname, an AI-based project names generator.

It uses a neural language model trained on CrunchBase data.

There will be a separate post(s) covering the whole flow of preparing a data set, training a model, serving a model, etc.

The backend is a CherryPy-based server serving JSON API to make predictions based on models implemented in Keras with TensorFlow backend.

The webapp is implemented in React obviously ;-)

Building and deploying React applications.

Another presentation I was giving at Applied Materials office about React applications.

It’s trivial today to start writing and debugging some React code, but it’s not 100% clear how to properly deploy the application, manage versions and what implications that has on the build configurations. Especially if you want to allow different versions for different users in order to perform some A/B testing, testing new features in production environment, come up with some UI experiments, or gradually roll out new features for a subset of users.

In this presentation I hopefully covered all that.

Code is here. It shows the Rails example but it’s super easy to do the same in Node or Python, slides cover the differences.

Migrating from Flux to Redux.

I was talking about migrating from Flux to Redux last Wednesday at Reacts Israel meetup.

Video and screen cast should be published at ReactJS-IL shortly.

TL;DR: When I started to work with React back in Apr-2015 there were many libraries to manage the application flow. I decided to start with classical FB’s Flux implementation to understand what’s missed there. Eventually react-redux and redux solved most of issues I had with Flux. This talk is about practical aspects of migration from Flux to Redux.

Slides are here.

Code is here.

Start with tag #flux, then #redux, then switch to master branch.