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Astrails, the oldest, most renown, experienced and just plain awesomest Rails development studio in Tel Aviv is looking for an experienced, nay, fuck experienced, passionate web developer.

We work with Rails since 2005, done more than a hundred projects for startups from all over the world and work with the newest and most interesting technologies around. We constantly speak at conferences and literally wrote a book about Rails.

We are 7 industry veterans, have shitloads of knowledge accumulated and happy to share it. We routinely do code reviews, pair programming and automatic testing. We work with best tools money can buy and have unlimited educational budget for everyone.

Long story short, if you want to learn and advance as a developer, there is no better place to be, period.

We’re looking for a web developer that loves the craft. If you can loudly argue about advantages of client vs server side rendering, NoSQL vs relational DB, Ruby vs Python, do apply, you’ll find who to argue with here :)

If your idea of a job is punching a card and being done with it, go to Microsoft or something, it will not work out here. But if you’re enthusiastic about technology, spend your time reading dev news, come talk to us, we speak the same language.

What you get:

  • You will work with cutting edge technologies and people that care about them
  • You’ll get to know a lot of emerging startups, the world startup scene and never get bored
  • You get a Macbook Air, 27” kick ass Apple Cinema Display and an Apple keyboard and mouse to go with it
  • You will work in a cool office with a fridge full of good stuff and the best coffee we can find

What we want:

  • some 2-3 years of web development experience, if it was Ruby or Python - big fat plus
  • strong understanding of front end development, JS, jQuery, Backbone.js, HTML5, CSS3 should be something you can tell us about
  • we will strongly prefer someone who has github account, contributes to some open source project, did some pet projects at home, runs a blog about development, tweets about related stuff, you get the idea.

Sounds like your cup of beer? [email protected]