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New version - 0.3.1 - of astrails-safe released.

New stuff:

  • Internally switched from jeweler to bundler. Should not matter for users, but be sure to report any strange behaviour.
  • Plain FTP support, before that we only supported SFTP - contributed by seroy
  • mongodump support - contributed by Matt Berther

Thanks guys for your contributions.

We’re planning to spend some long overdue work on refactoring and adding new features. Just a couple of upcoming features:

  • Remote only S3 support. Back then when we added support for S3 it was not possible to upload straight to S3, so when you backup to S3 we store local file and then upload it. Amazon guys added this feature some time ago and we plan to support it.
  • Adding generic notifier support. We plan to start notifying by email and HipChat at the beginning, but adding new notification channels should be fairly easy.