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We presented on IGTCloud Ruby On Rails Day today.

Agenda was a bit different this time, not only technical presentations but also a few words about modern approach of building web applications.

Find the slides below.

  1. The Modern Approach - Michael Mazyar

    The modern approach of building applications. Creating products using adaptive development methodology allows getting faster to the market while keeping highly maintainable code. Methodology and technology aspects of creating awesome applications in a modern environment. Slides

  2. Introduction to Ruby On Rails - Boris Nadion

    Web development that doesn’t hurt. Why Ruby On Rails is so popular among startup founders and developers. What’s so special in web applications framework and general purpose language that makes them the ultimate choice for the next killer application. Slides

  3. Ruby Basics - Vitaly Kushner

    General overview of Ruby language.

  4. Rails Basics - Vitaly Kushner

    General overview of Rails framework. Slides for both presentations

  5. Case study - Michael Mazyar

    Adaptive development and Ruby On Rails - real world examples.