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Just released a new 0.2.5 version of astrails-safe.

astrails-safe is our very simple to use backup script for mysql, postgres, filesystem, and subversion. It can store your backups locally, on Amazon s3 or on a remote SFTP server. Optional GnuPG enctyption completes the picture.

Changes in this version

Thanks to Fedor Kocherga for spotting that astrails-safe would happily overwrite existing config settings if you used same configuration keyword more then once.

For example if you used 2 exclude lines in your backup config the 2nd one would overwrite the 1st.

Fedor’s fix was merged and now astrails-safe will either merge the configs for files, exclude, and skip_tables keywords and will stop with an error for the rest of the keywords.

New version is available in source form on GitHub and as a ready to install gem on Gemcutter.