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Damn, I just found this unpublished article in the blog admin…

How come it evaded my attention for 3 months??!!

Anyway, releasing it now thought this is all quite old news, going to announce 0.2.4 in a moment :)

There is a new 0.2.2 version of astrails-safe on github.

If you don’t know it yet astrails-safe is an easy to use backup solution for Unix like operating systems.

It supports filesystem, mysql, postgresql, subversion backups to local filesytem, Amazon S3 and remote SFTP.

The biggest change is support for SFTP as a storage option (contributed by Adam).

It can be used instead of or in addition to S3. Note that is is still somewhat experimental and was not tested much in production. Please report any problems in the issues tracker

‘local’ storage option is still mandatory since S3 requires knowing the file size before the upload and keeping all in memory is not a good option :).

Does anyone really need an option of using SFTP w/o the local storage? If so please comment and I will look into possibility of implementing it.

Another change is that astrails-safe will now print timing statistics when running in a verbose mode (-v) (contributed by Neer)

Also another bug with rotation code was fixed (contributed by Layton). Rotation code would mistakenly match any file starting with the name of the current backup. e.g. cleanup for ‘foo’ would cleanup ‘foobar’ as well. I also added a test that should have caught this bug :)