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It looks like our astrails-safe gem is quite popular :). People started to contribute new features:

I just released new version 0.1.8 on the github.

In addition to postgre/svn support this release also includes a long overdue test suite.

Note: I personally don’t use Subversion or PostgreSQL so I can’t actually test it.

If you use it you can now easily backup it to local filesystem or Amazon S3 and if you find any problem please report here ;-)

If you don’t know what is astrails-safe, you can read the original announcement. In a nutshell its a simple backup script that supports file backups (with tar), MySQL backup (with mysqldump), PostgreSQL backup (with pg_dump) and Subversion backup (with “svnadmin dump”), all that with GPG encryption and backup rotation and Amazon S3 support.

See README for installation instructions.

The backup can be configured in minutes, so now you don’t have the excuse not to do it ;-).