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RRDtool is the OpenSource industry standard, high performance data logging and graphing system for time series data. Use it to write your custom monitoring shell scripts or create whole applications using its Perl, Python, Ruby, TCL or PHP bindings.

Let’s run it with Ruby on Leopard.

sudo port install rrdtool

Default ports installation comes without ruby bindings.

Get full installation from here:

cd ~/tmp
wget "http://oss.oetiker.ch/rrdtool/pub/rrdtool-1.3.6.tar.gz"

It’s better to download the same version that has been installed with ports :-)

open "rrdtool-1.3.6.tar.gz"

open not tar - we’re on a mac after all :-)

cd rrdtool-1.3.6/bindings/ruby
ARCHFLAGS="-arch i386" ruby extconf.rb --with-rrd-dir=/opt/local
sudo make install


>> require "RRD"
=> true
>> RRD
=> RRD