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«As with every start-up, we were very sensitive about our burn rate. We looked for an external team that could work with Ruby and create a working prototype as fast as possible. Astrails helped us achieve these goals, in part because they consistently delivered very short, fast and high-quality output.»

Gilad Ben-Nahum, Entrepreneur

Web applications development and startup consulting

Whether you're looking for a team to take care of your new project or you're looking to improve an existing one, we have all the necessary knowledge and more than enough experience to help you with this.

We have worked with startups in Israel, the US, Europe and Australia.

Here are some of the projects we've worked on:

Funzing 2014


A local activites marketplace.

We developed the fully featured marketplace with double entry bookkeeping system using Rails and passed the development to the in-house team.

Supertov 2014


Supertov invites you to buy groceries you want from local suppliers paying lowest possible prices, it even suggests similar products to save you money.

We developed the backend using Rails and PhantomJS and frontend based on backbone.js. We passed the development to the in-house team right after the beta version was launched.

Shoptagr 2014


"Browse all your favorite online stores, just as you normally would. See a product you like, but aren’t ready to buy just yet? Then simply save it to your watch / wish list! You'll then be notified when these selected favorite products go on sale! It really is that simple."

We came up with a beta version based on Rails and PhantomJS and passed the development to the in-house team.

HotelCloud 2014


"Hotelcloud enables your guests to order services from your hotel and buy deals from local vendors."

We developed a realtime web application using Ruby on Rails and Node.js and integrated with different 3rd party services.

Munzit 2013


"Submit your photos into our time based, category specific contests and let the community be the judge. We'll divide what's in the bank amongst the contestants based on the popularity of their content."

Rails, image processing.

Artfully Walls 2013


"Fill your walls with art you love"

Stylists build walls using marketplace pictures uploaded by artists, customers order whole walls or separate prints which can be tried on customer's walls using iPhone and augmented reality app.
Rails, backbone, image processing.

Dulead People 2013


"Do you need a better employee review process? -- Dulead People: Values-Based. 360 Degree Reviews."

Plan - Interview - Get reports. A Rails app with a minimalistic design and a lot of PostgreSQL optimizations to help SMBs decide what matters most for their business.

Mycases 2013


"Your problem-solving web app for complex and expensive problems at work"

We used Ruby on Rails and a lot of Javascript to make this clean and straightforward application.

Mekomy 2013


"Mekomy transforms the way people travel by connecting travelers with local experts based on mutual passions to enable authentic, rewarding experiences."

We've done the whole application from the ground app using Ruby on Rails.

ClickWall 2013


"ClickWall is the next generation in performance based cross promotion for quality social, web and mobile games."

We've created banner management web application using Ruby on Rails with sophisticated traffic analysis tools.

Paretio 2012


"Online language learning application."

We've built fully functional and visually stunning prototype that allows navigation through learning concepts and playing them back. Rails, Backbone.js, Bootstrap.

IsraTracker 2012


"Track packages for all your shipments to Israel in one place and receive an email when your package has arrived."

Isratracker has been developed because we really need this tool. This classic Ruby on Rails app saves a lot of time of checking a parcel status on a postal web site.

Petappdate 2012


"Manage pet check-in and send photos and updates to the pet owner via your manager area."

Both mobile and web version, using Backbone.js for client side rendering, using Twitter Bootstrap as UI framework. The mobile side based on HTML5 and jQuery Mobile. The backend is the usual Ruby on Rails.

Echoer 2012


"Built on top of a highly interactive visual platform, Echoer allows you to engage in the local conversation like never before."

We've built a Rails based backend for mobile clients.

Face.com Labs 2012


"Make Facebook image search smarter"

We created an app that integrates Face.com recognition abilities with Facebook. You can check it out at search.labs.face.com.

Face.com was sold to Facebook on Jun 2012. Congrats, guys.

BookPulse 2012


"BookPulse offers authors an incredibly easy, inexpensive, and effective way to market books on Facebook, the most powerful social media platform in the world. Now authors can create their own, feature-rich and engaging Facebook book pages."

We built large scale Ruby on Rails powered Facebook application.

2012 Inspireme


"Inspireme is an eLearning marketplace and course delivery platform designed to power an online ecosystem of learners, training managers and publishers with a simple and elegant learning management system and crowdsourced eLearning content."

We developed the whole app using Ruby on Rails and integrated few interesting 3rd party APIs.

Pagevibe 2011


"Pagevibe is a revolutionary discussion platform that motivates your visitors to share their thoughts and add relevant content on your website pages, while it rewards the most helpful visitors for providing the best content."

We built the application from the ground up using Ruby on Rails and Node.js, brought it to an alpha launch and than passed to in-house development team

SyGen 2011


"A web application aggregating all of one's financial information from any financial institution in one place. SyGen provides holistic, up to date financial view, together with analytics tools, history views, budgeting tools and alerts, all in a secured environment, spending trends, income sources, assets portfolio & performance and your liabilities status."

We built the architecture, developed most of the application, connected to major banks and credit card companies, and brought the product to an alpha launch.

2010 eBay Group Gifts


"Group gifts is a new eBay buying flow that allows users to pitch in towards the same item together in an effort to give a “group gift” to a friend/family member."

We joined forces with in-house Group Gifts team to solve complex issues and deliver the beta in time.

Group Gifts Project was sold to Ebaylogo on Sep 2011. Congrats, guys.

Eventify 2010


"Eventify is an events management web app that lets you choose, create and send your perfect invitation from a huge gallery of free customizable card templates."

We handled all the development from an idea to the launch. Amazon Web Services based architecture powered by Ruby on Rails.

Fiverr 2010


"The place for people to share things they're willing to do for $5. Buy. Sell. Have fun."

We worked together with Fiverr team on creating even better fiverr.com. Great idea and modern design + Ruby on Rails = perfect match.

Thounds 2009


What music are you thinking?

"Thounds is a music platform, easily accessible through a social network. Users have music inspirations and Thounds helps to capture them, they can be recorded live with the computer microphone or by plugging a real instrument."

We handled all the development from napkin sketches to the launch. Red5 media servers, Amazon EC2 instances, S3 storage, background MP3 encoding/decoding, Rails barebones and state of the art Javascript.

markupslicer 2009


"Markupslicer helps slice your HTML markup into dynamic templates, which can be used in your web applications, blog, etc." We support ERB and HAML - the most popular Ruby on Rails formats. No registration. Free. Fun.

Handcrafted by us, Design by Punia.

SAManage 2008


"The easiest way to manage IT Assets. Saves you time and money. Audit changes to your assets."

We are the R&D department of this company. Scalable infrastructure of different kinds of servers running in the cloud. Hordes of agents running on user's computers and sending large amount of data. The data is stored, dissected, analyzed and managed. Rails code on server-side and C++ code on client-side bent to our will and works together hand in hand for greater good. Integrations with a lot of 3rd party and extensive API were added to the mix.

Konot 2008


Tomorrow's discount, Today

"You enter a store and really like something. But when you see the price, the thrill is gone. It's much more then you'd like to pay. "If only they had a sale", you say to yourself."

We've developed the platform from napkin sketches.

Call2Action 2008


"Watch, share and add your own inspiring, humorous and heartfelt videos highlighting issues of global concern. - Then take an action or add your own: send a letter to Congress, donate to a nonprofit, make a pledge or sign up for an event. - Find other folks who love the same films and causes, join organizations and support them."

We've added functionality to the site, integrated Amazon EC2 to transcode videos, and brought the project to a public beta.

ifeel 2008


ifeel is one of the major Israeli portals. It is a web presence of SBC Group . SBC publishes more then 30 magazines.

We got the project after a year of development by a third party. We keep adding features, refactoring code, integrating with partners and moving it forward.

BreadCrumbz 2008


" BreadCrumbz is a picture-based navigation application for mobile phones. It is currently available on Google's Android mobile platform."

We developed a scalable backend and integrated it with an Android-based client.

eSommelier 2008

" eSommelier provides a simple and elegant way to organize your wine cellars, using an intuitive touch screen interface."

We developed a prototype that runs Merb on embedded hardware and uses the Firefox browser for user interaction.

MTV 2008

We developed a framework that enables users to leave video comments on any content using their webcam, and then publish these comments to a major video hosting site. This framework is based on the red5 open-source Flash Media Server, a flash client that works with the webcam, and a backend for moderating, transcoding and uploading videos using Ruby and PHP.

Project Ben-Yehuda 2008

"Project Ben-Yehuda aims to make accessible the classics of Hebrew literature (poetry and prose at first, and then essays etc.) to the reader of Hebrew."

We work on assignments management system to help volunteers and editors deliver public domain works to the masses. Ruby on Rails application is the perfect fit.

BitWine 2006


"At Bitwine.com you can find skilled professionals in various areas such as Technology, Nutrition, Travel, Relationship, Parenting etc., get to know them in an informal setting, and enjoy their consultation from the comfort of your home."

We've done everything from scratch: online chat with per-second billing (based on HTML/JS connected to cluster of comet servers); integration with Skype , PayPal , Jajah , and others; a Web API and javascript API for cross-domain chat widgets .