Web consultancy based in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Berlin, Germany. 
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we create awesome web applications

To achieve awesomeness we use Ruby on Rails and Node.js
We value exceptional design and usability.

A .. Z Beta Launch in 3 Months

From an idea to a working project. We take care of everything: discovery, storycarding, wireframing, usability, design, coding, testing, deployment, servers... But we won't bore you with the details (unless you want us to). how we make it happen »

A .. Prototype in a Week

You have an idea, but you want to get feedback and see how it works before you commit to it. In one week, you will have a working prototype.

.. Z Launch Review

Let us check it out for you one last time. Security audit, code review, usability, deployment; you name it. learn more »

«Thank you so much for all your help. I will be sure to recommend you first and foremost. You went above and beyond my expectations.»

Ezra Butler, Entrepreneur

we love

  • getting fast to real users
  • feedback, pivot, feedback, pivot
  • staying focused
  • readable, maintainable, beautiful code
  • right tool for the job
  • usable, thought out interfaces
  • great... nah, exceptional visual design
  • small touches that make users go "niiice!"
  • Working with us is different, learn why.

we're fast

We move fast and like it when our clients move fast too. To make it worth your while we came up with financial incentive.

2% off if we sign and start working in a week from the time we send you an estimate.

5% off if you sign our standard version of the legal documents without making us waste time on boring legal stuff. Mind you, our standard version is very reasonable.

we use

we do

  • product design and architecture
  • rapid prototyping
  • back-end and front-end development
  • deployment, scalability and performance
  • usability assessment
  • code review and refactoring
  • integration with anything that moves
  • answers to tough questions
  • enablement for enterprises

we've done

we speak

    We organized Ruby Group Israel, and constantly invited to speak on conferences and meetups. The main point of our talks is how to employ new technologies and methodologies to increase your project success chances. We share our vision on Rails, NoSQL, Node.js, enterpreneurship and whatnot.

we write

The Rails 4 Way

We are proud that our own Vitaly Kushner co-authored "The Rails 4 Way" together with Rails legend Obie Fernandes of Hashrocket fame.

"The Rails 4 Way" is the latest edition of the most comprehensive, authoritative guide to delivering production-quality code with Rails 4.

we are

  • We are industry veterans that adopted Ruby on Rails from its early days and since then have been using it for development, training others, spreading the word and contributing back to the community.
    More about us.

we give back


Simple database and filesystem backups with Amazon S3 and Rackspace Cloud Files support (with optional encryption).


A complete collection of vim configuration options and plugins specifically tailored for Rails development.


Double Entry Accounting for Rails.


Simple Object persistency library for Cassandra.


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Markupslicer helps slice your HTML markup into dynamic templates, which can be used in your web applications, blog, etc. We support ERB and HAML - the most popular Ruby on Rails formats. No registration. Free. Fun.

Smaller things on github

There are many many smaller things, plugins, dot-files, configs, random scripts on our github. If you'll find it useful, then great.