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AI-based names generator.

Earlier this months we released noname, an AI-based project names generator.

It uses a neural language model trained on CrunchBase data.

There will be a separate post(s) covering the whole flow of preparing a data set, training a model, serving a model, etc.

The backend is a CherryPy-based server serving JSON API to make predictions based on models implemented in Keras with TensorFlow backend.

The webapp is implemented in React obviously ;-)

Machine Learning: Make Your Ruby Code Smarter.

I was giving this presentation at RailsIsrael 2016 conference. I covered the basics of all major algorithms for supervised and unsupervised learning without a lot of math just to give the idea of what’s possible to do with them.

There is also a demo and ruby code of Waze/Uber like suggested destinations prediction with fast neural networks on Ruby.

Slides are here.

Code is here.

Video and screen cast should be published at here shortly.