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about us

Astrails is a small company working on big ideas.

With a comprehensive list of tools, skill-sets and best practices accumulated over the years, we approach our work with a great deal of experience, curiosity and vigor. Astrails has also worked with, evaluated or otherwise formed an opinion on the most current technologies in its surrounding technology community. The fast pace of development keeps Astrails always intrigued, always interested and never bored. This makes us happy campers.

Today, Astrails specializes in Ruby on Rails applications, as well as all related frameworks and solutions that have grown around Rails.

The Team


Vitaly Kushner

Vitaly has more than twenty years of industry experience in a wide range of technologies, from Sinclair Basic to Linux kernel drivers. Vitaly started using Rails in 2005 and to this day still refers to it as his primary "weapon of choice" for developing web applications and mobile back-ends. He is a public speaker and has been promoting Ruby and Rails in Israel since 2006, when he helped to organize and manage the first Israeli Ruby Group. Vitaly speaks at conferences and teaches Ruby on Rails courses.

Together with Rails legend Obie Fernandes Vitaly co-authored The Rails 4 Way - the latest edition of the most comprehensive, authoritative guide to delivering production-quality code with Rails 4.


Boris Nadion

Dressed to the nines and always ready to program, Boris Nadion combines his Fred Astaire moves with over twenty years of professional programming experience to get the job done, whatever it may be.

Boris started programming in 1992 and has been developing on the web with an assorted combination of programming languages ever since. Although his background is in storage technologies, file systems and reverse engineering, he specializes in Ruby, Rails, Javascript of all flavors, legacy coding and is a Photoshop master. If he was stranded on an island with a lifetime supply of beer and only one programming language to code with, no doubt he would pick Ruby. Boris founded Astrails with his two friends, Michael and Vitaly.

When he isn’t working, Boris enjoys listening to jazz and beating Michael at tennis.


Michael Mazyar

Known for his remarkable listening skills and most intrigued by the interaction between human and machine, Michael Mazyar has accumulated over twenty years of experience in a range of usability programming, including telephony applications, speech recognition, text-to-speech software, and large-scale Windows applications.

After purchasing his first Mac computer just a few years ago, Michael shifted his focus to developing web-based applications, maintaining his specialty in usability and user experience. Michael founded Astrails with his friends Boris and Vitaly. When he’s not beating Boris at tennis, he enjoys listening to techno and sipping a fine glass of single malt whiskey old enough to be his father.

Almost as though in a Zen-like trance, Michael Mazyar approaches his programming with a calm mind and a steady hand. Buddha? Never mind him, what would Michael do?


Pavel Kostychev

Pavel brings user experience to pixel perfection with his strong artistic skills.

He started his career in the early 90's as a graphic designer and he’s devoted his life to it. In 1997, Pavel started to play with Flash (then called Future Splash Player) and entered the field of interactive design. Over the years, he’s worked as an art director, interactive designer, web designer, GUI designer and graphic designer on an enormous number of projects. He currently focus on user experience design for both client- and web-based applications.

Pavel still loves to do branding, graphic design, iconography, illustration and animation. He has very strong artistic skills and is proficient in Adobe CS.


Costa Shapiro

Known for addressing not only the symptoms of a problem but getting to the root cause, Costa Shapiro (superhero alias: The Professor) digs deep into his work and doesn't come up for air until the problem is solved and the world is made right again.

A researcher at heart and a firm believer in the superpower potential of information management, Costa has helped pioneer some of the first professional Internet tools, production and testing components, and web-mining and communication systems; all this without a cape or a Batmobile.

With over twenty years experience in the industry, Costa has worked for companies such as Qualcomm, Intel, Nielsen and NetManage.

He joined Astrails in early 2011 where he works as a software engineer and consultant. If you look up to the skies, you probably won't see Costa, but if you're wondering who's the guy that answers the distress signal when your software isn't working? It's Costa, that's who.


Dmitry Plashchynski

Dmitry is obsessed with security and privacy, thinking the whole world is conspiring against him ;)

Dmitry speaks web development fluently. His experience includes but is not limited to: social networking, internet payments, Unix systems administration, concurrent computing, inter-process communication, performance optimisation, TCP/IP Internet protocol suite, system level programming in C, user experience and customer interaction.

Dmitry really shines when it comes to information security, cryptography, and privacy aspects of all things web.


Mike Pevzner

When Mike Pevzner was 16 years old, he was already working as a Linux system administrator and freelance programmer. Later on, he channeled his experience, dedication and focus into building and managing large scale Linux-based infrastructure projects. Specifically, he’s worked on some very big and serious enterprise web applications for insurance companies. When he isn’t hacking on one of his projects, Mike can be spotted zooming through the streets of Tel Aviv on his beloved bike, smiling to the world as if he knows something we don’t.


Matt Witek

An artist at heart, Matt Witek’s first encounters with the digital world originated from graphic design. Witek started tinkering with Photoshop as a teenager and eventually discovered Flash where he experimented with animations and UI design using ActionScript. It was at this moment when lightning struck and Matt realized just how much he enjoyed writing code. He dated PHP for a bit, but things didn’t work out. Then, one bright day he met the love of his life, Ruby, and has never looked back. Ruby satisfied Matt’s desire to express his creativity and passion for code. In addition to being a full stack developer at Astrails, Matt is also an award-winning photographer with works published in Photographer’s Forum Magazine. He hails from Detroit, the motor city, where he loves spending time learning new programming languages and hanging out with his family, his dog Lucky and cats Noah and Mila.